About us

We’re toilet revolutionaries!... But it's about your health.

Toilets have so much more to offer than sending our waste into the ocean. PODDI is the grand child of Çava, a team of scientists, engineers and brand people, waking up every day to democratize preventive health. Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 in 10 deaths each year in the US, and according to the CDC most diseases could be prevented by regular health screening and associated lifestyle changes.
So that's what we're building, a health monitoring device that's built into people's lives. And what better place than our toilets to checkup on our health?! We sit on it everyday (which is great for identifying trends), we're naked (which is perfect for measuring vitals through skin contact) and we have access to some of the most valuable data our body can provide! (our pee and poop - for real).

The future of personal monitoring is in your toilet.
"We're developing new bio-sensors, building AI engines and integrating the latest tech into a revolutionary device that everyone can afford."



In the meantime, we've created PODDI Bidet to tell the world that bidets are the 💩 and more importantly to fund our research. So help us fund the future of personal health 🙌🏻 and buy a PODDI Bidet today!