Introducing a new generation of personal cleansers. 


No plumber required, PODDI is easy to install and fits every standard toilet.



Shower clean


A warm gentle spray or a cool air-infused stream? Using the cleansing power of ionized water, PODDI provides an unparalleled experience, always set to your preferences through the PODDI App.


Touch free

Poddi automatically opens and closes so you can keep doing what you're doing, like scrolling through your twitter feed. 



Odor free


 PODDI's odor neutralizing system, traps bad smells under water. Your secrets are safe with PODDI.



Noise isolation technology

PODDI's advanced technology ensures that no one outside your bathroom hears what you're up to.



Advanced health tracking

Check and keep track of your vitals, hydration level and more. PODDI will help you make informed decisions about your health and life habits.